Tasks of NSM – legal/political fundament

  • Security Act
  • Defence Secrets Act
  • Defence Inventions Act
  • Arrangement on certification of information systems and products (SERTIT)
  • Coordinating role in preventative work and responses against IT security breaches aimed at vital infrastructure in Norway. (NorCERT)

Tasks of NSM – Security Act

  • Gathering and analysing of information relevant for protective security services
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Oversight and inspections
  • Information assurance
  • Development of security measures (R&D when needed)
  • National and international cooperation
  • Monitoring of information systems
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Production and accounting of CRYPTO-material
  • Central personnel and facility security clearance registry
  • Body of appeal when security clearance is denied