Kjetil Nilsen
Director General

Kjetil Nilsen

Kjetil Nilsen currently holds the position as Director General of the Norwegian
National Security Authority (NSM). 

Prior to joining NSM as a Director General, Nilsen spent more than 25 years with the Norwegian National Police Force. From 1998 he served in different leadership positions, among others as Director of the Operational Department of the Norwegian National Police Security Service (PST). He has also practiced as a lawyer in private sector.

Nilsen holds a Master of Law from the University of Oslo and a Master of Management from BI Norwegian Business School. He has also completed the Senior Course at the NATO Defense College in Rome, Italy.

Helge Rager Furuseth
Deputy Director General

Helge Rager Furuseth has experience from security management, policymaking and regulation from Norwegian ministries and the European Commission. Mr. Furuseth has held various leadership positions in NSM prior to becoming Deputy Director General. He holds master’s degrees in Computer Science, eGovernment and Public Management. 

Roy Hunstok
Head of Governance and Development

Roy Hunstok graduated from the Norwegian Sports College in 1978 and Norwegian Armed Forces` Joint Staff College in 1997. Hunstok served 38 years in the Norwegian Armed Forces domestically, through numerous deployments and on a strategic level within the NATO-system, retiring as a Brigadier General. Prior to joining NSM, Mr. Hunstok worked three years in the oil and gas industry as a performance coach specializing in leadership development, communication and efficiency. 

Mona Strøm Arnøy
Head of Communications and Administration

Mona Strøm Arnøy holds a degree in Political Science and a Master of Management from BI. Additionally, she has completed the leadership program at the Norwegian Defence University College. Mrs. Strøm Arnøy has worked as head of communications in several private companies prior to joining NSM. She has also been the head of corporate business in Burson-Marstellar Norway (BCW).

Bente Hoff
Head of Norwegian National Cyber Security Centre

Bente Hoff has more than 20 years of experience from digitalization processes and cyber security, both in private and public sector. She holds Master of Science from NTH/NTNU and a Master’s degree in Technological Leadership.

Frode Skaarnes
Head of Security Management

Frode Skaarnes is educated in the Norwegian Armed Forces. He has vast experience from defence and security related matters, having held various positions at NSM, the Norwegian Army and TRADOK. Skaarnes has also been a special envoy for the Ministry of Defence. 

Jørn Arnesen 
Head of Control and Supervision

Jørn Andersen, CIS, CISSP, is an engineer and internal auditor by trade with extensive experience from security, regulatory development and auditory work. Mr. Arnesen has previously worked as a head of section in the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and leader of Deloitte Norway`s Security Services branch.

Colonel Hans Robert Bjørnaas
Head of Defence against Advanced Digital Threats

Hans Robert Bjørnaas has served in the Norwegian Defence for more than three decades. His education includes the Norwegian Air War Academy, Norwegian Defence Staff College and the Norwegian Defence University College. Col. Bjørnaas has been with NSM since 2003.

Håkon Bergsjø 
Head of Joint Cyber Coordination Centre 

Håkon Bergsjø has more than 20 years of experience working with security in the Norwegian Armed Forces and Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM). He has held various leadership positions in NSM and previously headed Norway’s national CERT function, NorCERT.

Vigdis Grønhaug
Head of Project, Warning System for Digital Infrastructure

Vigdis Grønhaug has 15 years of experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces in various technical and project based positions. She is an engineer and economist in addition to having completed courses at the Norwegian Defence University College.