Sofie Nystrøm
Director General

Sofie Nystrøm currently holds the position as Director General of the Norwegian
National Security Authority (NSM). 

Nystrøm holds a Master of Science from Purdue University in the U.S. She has experience from digitalization and technology development, and information- and cybersecurity, as well as numerous management positions, both in the private and public sector.

Helge Rager Furuseth
Deputy Director General

Tom Kolstad
Director of Operations and Capabilities

Erik Haugland
Head of Norwegian National Cyber Security Centre

Vigdis Grønhaug
Head of Control and Supervision

Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik
Head of Defence against Advanced Digital Threats

Kjell Arne Knutsen
Head of Fundamental National Functions (GNF)

Hasse Lindmo
Head of Communications

Åshild Egerdal
Head of Administration