Overview of the prohibition areas can be found here:
Photo and Sensor restrictions

The most obvious are drones or planes/helicopters with still photo or movie cameras, but also include advanced equipment, such as IR sensors, laser scanners or radars.

All over Norway, there are military and other installations and facilities that require protection from surveillance and mapping for national security reasons.

Such installations and facilities impose various restrictions, including restricted access, photo bans on the ground and prohibitions on photography/filming from the air and the use of other airborne sensors.

Foreign aircraft planning to use airborne sensor systems over Norwegian territory are required to notify the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM).

Notification of sensor usage to NSM does not relieve the operator of the responsibility to obtain necessary permissions for airspace usage. Please refer to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority for issues related to airspace usage (https://luftfartstilsynet.no/en/).

NSM may require aircraft to land in Norway before departure, in order to conduct control of the information collected with airborne sensor systems. You can submit the notification electronically on the “Photo and Sensor restrictions Map page” displaying the restricted areas.